COVID-19 Update – 05/01/21 - Payment & Classes Update

COVID-19 Update – 05/01/21

Dear Athletes and Parents,

Firstly, we appreciate your ongoing support during this current situation. We can’t thank-you enough for sticking by us, without you we would not have been able to keep the doors open at Tycoons.

As you can appreciate, like many other businesses, we are working as hard as we can to maintain a balance between continuing to be able to provide you with an ongoing service and an activity that you love but also bearing in mind financial situations for both yourselves and us as a club.

Following on from the announcements on Monday 4th January the following additions to our current COVID-19 policy are set out as follows:

- All regular fee’s will be frozen from February.

- January will continue at full price, with added classes available throughout the week. The time missed on the zoom sessions will be added onto a choreography day for teams.

- In order for the club to keep going, from February 1st we will put a £20 payment on the website store under “Support your club” that will give you access to all of your team training, additional classes and any extra classes you would like to attend.

- If anyone would like to attend an additional class in their age group, please message which you would like to attend, we will then assign you into the appropriate session. Why not try a new style during lockdown 3.0?

- These classes can only be attended if the “Support your club” has been purchased on the website. One payment will be entry for one athlete.

- We will be offering an incentive pack in January and February where we will be offering exciting additional classes to help parents with lockdown, offering curriculum classes during the day, all-inclusive in the price.

We hope this will help parents and athletes out while still keeping normality for the athletes, keeping them connected with their team-mates and coaches. This also means we have something to come back to when lockdown restrictions are lifted, after everything we’ve been through as a club, the harsh reality is, we don’t want this to be what closes the doors at Tycoons.

Incentive pack starting next week:

1. Monday’s – 11:00-11:45am Mindful Activities with Jane

2. Wednesday's - 11:00-11:45am PE With Vanessa

3. Friday’s – 11:00-11:45pm Fun Friday’s with Jane & Vanessa

4. Free workshops with British Red Cross & Academy HQ – Dates TBC


Thank you again for your continued support. As ever if you would like to discuss any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please email We will continue to work hard as a club, and whatever comes our way I know we will learn, grow and come out of it stronger than ever!

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