Dear Members

It has been brought to the attention of the board that there has been a positive covid case. We have not been approached by track and trace to implement any measures.

Further to the board meeting it was agreed that it is in the best interest of all our members that we will close our doors and we will reopen on THURSDAY 1st July

This will allow adequate time to ensure a fully deep cleanse of the building.

We will provide a fun zoom session on Tuesday 6-45-7.30 via zoom for our Tik Tok class

However this will not go against your block session and the week will be carried over .

The Board at AHQ want to assure our members that we take the responsibility of protecting our members seriously. Therefore, upon the request of the Director and Coaches one of our board members has now been been appointed as Covid Responsible Officer, who will support the coaching team to continue with the ongoing progress already instigated at AcademyHQ.

Should anyone have any queries please raise them initially with the coaching team so they can be responded to in conjunction with Athlete/Coach safety, however, you do have the option to raise your concerns with the Board via Dawn Murphy who can be contacted on dawndmrph@icloud.com

It is our mission at AHQ to ensure the safety of our members and ensure that all mitigation decisions are in the interest of our community.

Kind Regards

AHQ Board