A Glimpse of what we do Best ... COMPETE

Hi All

Over November we will be sharing videos of some of the amazing experiences we have shared over the years.

First up here's our first ever trip out to the

Varsity European Championships

Movie Park



Our All girl Hip Hop Team won a bid to Worlds USASF Championships at Disney Florida

Our Junior Hip Hop Team Won a Worlds USASF Championships at Disney Florida

Our Co Ed Team Transonic Worlds USASF Championships at Disney Florida ( who had to decline as they won a bid to worlds at the ICC national Championships at the NOTTINGHAM Arena in the March .


Our All girl Junior 3 Team Duchesses got to the experience the success of making it to the final 5 and called on to the floor to be awarded 5th place out of a whopping 34 Teams .

Only the top 5 teams get to experience this and we were overjoyed to share such a great achievement.

Here's a link to watch and see what Tycoons get up too on our Travel Teams


We hope you enjoy and we cant wait to share this very different season which will be still a competitive season starting with Virtual Competitions.

More details of these competitions will be released as soon as we have more information , so an exciting time ahead.

See you soon Via Zoom

Coach Jane x

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